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1.To Run an English Medium / Pali language Education School (Pre –Primary/Primary/Secondary/Higher Secondary College.

2. To Run Home Science College.

3. To Run Technical Institution Training Centres.

4. To Run Diploma/Degree Colleges of engineering , Medicines, Education., Dental colleges, law colleges, and any other courses providing education including information technology, computer, electronic, biochemistry, bio-tech, and such as and include the existing educational faculty courses and may include in future whatever the new trade faculties, career, courses that will be available or than can made available for the purposes of providing education.

5.To grant medical help to the poor and deserving persons of Any community during epidemic,famine, flood, cyclones, earthquake or unforeseen calamity or war.

6. To establish and maintain Hospitals, nursing homes, institution, Mobile dispensaries, convalescent homes, asylums, orphanages, sanatoriums, etc. for medical care, prevention of physical or medical illness and medical relief and when deemed expedient for the purpose of above objects, to establish, maintain and run blood banks, eye banks , artificial limb centers, rehabilitation camps for physically handicapped , deaf or blind persons.

7. To Provide books and other necessary educational requistes.

8. To Establish libraries ,Readings Rooms, Student Hostels , Sport and health Centers for needy and poor students

9.To give scholarships, prizes & awards to deserving students or for providing funds for pursing studies for any deserving students either in India or abroad and to provide all other help for advancement of education.

10. .To establish and / or conduct any institution for carrying on any activities towards advancement of Arts like music, dance, drama,literature.

11..To run Bhikkhu Training Center as well as poor & needy person means Vrudhasharam for help to human.


The Bodhi Educational and Research Center, a State-level body was registered in 2010 during which various programs were held under its banner at Aurangabad, Jalgaon, Bhusawal, Nagpur and Other Places in Maharashtra. The guidance and motivation of Bhante Jayanto Bodhi had always remained behind organizing the programs which were highly appreciated by the masses. One of the remarkable program “Maha Pushpa Pooja” was held in March, 2015 at Aurangabad, It carved a remembrance in the minds of people. It was a unique one in which 100 civilians from Thailand had participated along with thousands of Indian Buddhist.

“Maha Pushpa Pooja: a traditional ceremony is being held in Thailand in which retried Government officers Offer pooja and declare their dedication of future life to the cause of Buddha Dhamma. Once when Bante Jayanto Bodhi had been on Thailand, some Thai people expressed their willingness to organize this pooja in India and Bhante Jayano Bodhi respectfully accepted their willingness, after his return to India, this Mahapooja ceremony was celebrated on March 1, 2015 at Aurangabad. This ceremony of Maha Pushpa Pooja assumed the historical importance when the Buddhists from Thailand and Indian Buddhists had come together, exchanged their views and had food with them. The Thai Buddhists were very much impressed by the Indians Buddhists when they were taken in a grand procession in drizzling atmosphere from Airport to the venue of the program at Dhamma sagar Budha vihar and accorded a warm reception. Bhante Jayanto Bodhi made excellent arrangements such as accommodate 200 Thai guests in five-star Hotels, provide vehicles to visit Ajanta, Ellora and other historical places in Aurangabad. The achievement of this program is that the people who attended the ceremony immediately expressed their reactions such Maha Pushpa Pooja should also be organized by the Indian Buddhists, who retire every year in a large number. They should dedicate their retired life to the cause of Dhamma. If this happens, we feel, the number of dedicated Buddhists will definitely increase and help full fill the dream of “Buddhist Bharat” expressed by Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. The question is that “who will bell the cat?”

Three-month sewing machine training camp was held recently for needy woman by bhante Jayanto Bodhi in the Buddha Vihara. The trained women now are able to sew clothes, flags, chivars etc. and earn some money. Bhante has also a plan to construct a building at a two-acre land where professional education, religious and social activities could be carried for the welfare of the poor and needy people.

Our main aim is to reach thousands of people and apprised them of Bhante Jayanto Bodhi’s work, as well as to seek their help by way of donations and active participation for Bhante’s noble tasks to be achieved. Bhante Jayanto Bodhi origonaly belongs to Assam, but he has selected Maharashtra as his work-field. Let us extend our helping hand and cooperate him.

!! Jai Bhim – Namo Buddhay !!